Friday, January 28, 2005

In Armored Vehicles, U.S. Troops Tell Iraqis to Vote

A rumbling column of U.S. Bradley fighting vehicles grinds to a stop in a rebellious Iraqi neighborhood of scarred houses and mud streets.

Heavily-armed troops jump out and begin searching homes as loudspeakers blast in Arabic: "On Sunday you should go out to vote. Vote to give freedom to Iraq. Vote to save Iraq." A soldier hands out fliers to a group of untidy children.
Suddenly, the whistle of a grenade pierces the air and a loud explosion shakes the ground. The soldiers fire back before returning to their armored vehicles and the convoy speeds away.

If you saw a get out the vote campaign like this reported on "The Daily Show," you'd laugh. And you might expect scenes like this in a Terry Gilliam film -- a sequel to "Brazil," perhaps. But real life? Nah.

I am again reminded of Tom Lehrer's observation that, after Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize, political satire became impossible. What can anyone say about such monstrous absurdity?


Blogger Luke Forsyth said...

When you see armored vehicles be sure to see police men guarding it.

7:36 PM  

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