Wednesday, January 26, 2005

10 Die, 180 Hurt After Train Hits SUV

A suicidal man parked his SUV on the railroad tracks and set off a crash of two commuter trains Wednesday that hurled passengers down the aisles and turned rail cars into smoking, twisted heaps of steel, authorities said. At least 10 people were killed and more than 180 injured.

The SUV driver got out at the last moment and survived.
It was the nation's deadliest train accident in nearly six years.

Authorities said Juan Manuel Alvarez, 25, of Compton, parked his sport utility vehicle on the tracks and got out before a Metrolink train smashed into it. The train then derailed and collided with another train going in the opposite direction. That train also jumped the tracks.

Maybe it is poor taste to say it, or at least to say it today, but this kind of decision-making is par for the course for an amazing percentage of the people I see driving SUVs out there. Not a moment's thought about the effects of his actions on others. Just a few days ago some lunkhead in a Hummer cut me off and nearly hit some cyclists by making a left turn from the right turn lane -- after I indicated that I was about to make a legal left. He just didn't give a shit, just like his twin in LA.


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