Thursday, January 27, 2005

eBay item: Famous Bush Mobile As Seen By Hundreds of Thousands!

It ain't Jesus on a Fish Stick, or the Virgin Mary on a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, but it sure is a religious icon for our time.

Own a part of the 2004 Bush Presidential Campaign! Be a part of history. This vehicle was involved in both Vice-Presidential and Presidential appearances throughout Florida. The Bush Mobile was a critical component to the success of the Presidential visit to The Villages. The Bush Mobile was on the flightline when the President, his brothers and The First Lady made the first ever sitting Presidential visit to Gainesville, FL on October 31, 2004. Never before has there been a Presidential campaign vehicle other than the President's limousine that has attracted so much attention. A MUST HAVE for the serious collector of FINE/UNIQUE/HISTORIC Automobiles. The perfect gift for the Presidential library.

Can't imagine why it did not receive a single bid.


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