Monday, December 20, 2004

Theocracy R Us

Yahoo! News - Ten Commandments Judge May Run for Gov.

Ousted Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore said Friday he is considering running for governor in 2006.

"I'll be praying about it and considering it," told reporters.

Moore was ousted in November 2003 for defying a federal judge's order to remove his 5,280-pound Ten Commandments monument from public display in the state judicial building. He appealed his ouster to the U.S. Supreme Court (news - web sites), but lost.

If Moore were to run as a Republican, he could face a GOP primary battle with Gov. Bob Riley, who has not yet said whether he will seek a second term.

Moore and Riley stood together on the Ten Commandments issue last year until Moore refused to abide by the federal judge's order. Riley said a public official must respect a court order. The monument was removed.

There you go. A grudging admission that the rule of law -- for a judge empowered by the state government -- trumps religion is enough to make a red state Republican governor vulnerable on the right.


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