Friday, December 17, 2004

European and Pacific Stars & Stripes

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld will begin personally signing condolence letters sent to families of troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, after receiving criticism over his use of mechanical signatures.

In a statement provided to Stars and Stripes on Thursday, Rumsfeld tacitly admitted that in the past he has not personally signed the letters, but said he was responsible for writing and approving each of the 1,000-plus messages sent to the fallen soldiers’ families.

“I have directed that in the future I sign each letter,” he said in the statement.

“I am deeply grateful for the many letters I have received from the families of those who have been killed in the service of our country, and I recognize and honor their personal loss.”

In a separate statement, Pentagon spokesman Lawrence Di Rita said, “In the interest of ensuring timely contact with grieving family members, he has not individually signed each letter.”

What classic Rumsfeld. "I have directed that I sign" -- ! Perhaps he could direct that he buy a vowel, because he so obviously has no clue what the puzzle says.

At least they have finally admitted the shameful truth: that he was sending out the same kind of cheap form letters that usually accompany solicitations to buy life insurance and Congressmen. And the explanation is priceless -- it was done "in the interest of ensuring timely contact." Which really means, "Well, see, the Secretary doesn't really give a rat's ass about the body count, and so the unsigned letters used to drift to the bottom of his in-box and sit for weeks. And besides, just like the big boss, he prefers not to see anything unpleasant, like the orders transferring that Spc. Wilson kid to the Gitmo undercover prisoner torture investigation team. So we just handled the letters in the propagand -- I mean, the Information office."


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