Thursday, December 16, 2004

Our Stoopid Preznit (or his Advizors)

Gotta love this one.

The White House went all out to showcase the advantages of President Bush's ambitious financial agenda this week, but in the end the "challenges" proved too much.

The word "challenges" -- a main theme of a two-day White House economic conference that ended on Thursday -- was misspelled on a large television monitor that stood in front of Bush during a panel discussion.

"Financial Challanges for Today and Tomorrow," the message proclaimed in dark blue capital letters against a bright yellow background.

The conference, which critics derided as a public relations event devoid of serious discussion, spotlighted a second-term Bush agenda that would reform Social Security and the tax code while making tax cuts permanent and cutting the deficit in half.

"Like we told that reporter from the New York Times, we make our own reality now," said an unnamed source within the White house. We spell things however we want, like when we spelled 'Kerry' K-e-n-n-e-d-y, and spelled 'incompetence' M-e-d-a-l o-f F-re-e-d-o-m."


Blogger RIposte said...

If only their math was half as good as their spelling...

2:05 AM  

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