Friday, October 07, 2005

In order to save the village... was necessary to bomb the shit out of it.
Baghdad - US-led forces have bombed eight bridges on the Euphrates River in western Iraq to stop insurgents using them, US military spokesperson Major General Rick Lynch said Thursday.

"We have been taking out portions of bridges with precision strikes," he told a news conference.

Of 12 bridges between the Syrian border and Ramadi, 110km west Baghdad, "four remain under control of the coalition forces and Iraqi forces after precision strikes on the others," he said.

"One of the vulnerabilities of this insurgency is freedom of movement," he added.

I guess the folks working inside the irony-free zone can't be expected to understand this, but (a) "freedom of movement" is also one of those basic freedoms we are supposed to be delivering over there, and (b) exactly how pacified are we supposed to believe the country is when an occupying army is reduced to blowing up bridges as a method of trying to gain control?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The illegal invasion policy -- FROM THE START -- has been the genocidal intention to DISMANTLE Iraq, bringing on civil war, in order to PARTITION the country into three territories, in order to allow up to 15 US airbases to remain, permanently.

"There is no more Iraq. There will be three territories." -- Henry F* Kissinger, early 2004, unaware he was being reported.

It's genocide, so they won't be needing their bridges.

They will, however, need earplugs, with 280 TONS of high explosives distributed to the hostiles via a total lack of an occupation plan -- since blowing the country up IS the plan.

Bush Must Resign.

--Paul in LA

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't guard the 8 mile long road to the airport and now don't have enough troops to guard a fucking bridge. And these guys are supposed to protecting us????

8:36 PM  

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