Friday, September 02, 2005

Victor Davis Wingnut

Please forgive a short diversion from the ongoing disaster in NOLA.

Yesterday my local paper presented yet again the ravings of my favorite pseudo-intellectual, Victor Davis Hanson, who complains about the delicate stomachs guiding Our kinder, gentler war. Manly man Hanson is convinced that "Amercians are confused about what it takes to beat terror." He frets that "While we worry that we have gone too far in our harshness, our enemies are convinced that in our softness we are too far gone to win this war." He laments our hand-wringing, noting that "Of course, we have had this debate over competing therapeutic and tragic visions of human nature here at home since the 1960s. We are still arguing over carrot-and-stick dilemmas, such as incarceration vs. rehabilitation or workfare in place of welfare."

Well, my man, there is a take-charge leader out there who would be just perfect for you. He knows how to take the war to the terrorists in a take no prisoners, no holds barred way. He didn't let niceties like conventions and treaties mushy liberties stop him from enforcing order. He didn't waste time or money on rehabilitation or therapy. And, best of all, he is available to take charge right now. So Mr, Hanson, without further ado, may I introduce your perfect leader (shown here shaking hands with the help):

By the by, Mr. Hanson's bio says he was born in 1953. Oddly, it says nothing about whether the hawkish Hoover Fellow served in the Vietnam War. However, I will leave it to others to call him on it.


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