Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pssst... wanna buy a governor?

Props to folks who see ways of using the online world in new and distinctive ways. California nurses, mightily hacked off at the Governator, are selling him on eBay. Of course he's been for sale for some time; this is simply a more democratic and efficent way of soliciting bids.

Perhaps the Golden Palace will bid, and, consistent with past practice, proudly announce their purchase by tattooing Ahnold's forehead with their logo. It will likely change his behavior not one whit, but the truth in advertising wil be a major step forward in American electoral politics. Perhaps it would start a trend: I would pay to put "Big Oil" on Shrub's forehead, and "Halliburton" on the Dick's.

Update: Alas, the Gropinator's peeps obvously got to eBay and had the auction yanked. Or maybe it was the middlemen who were concerned about losing their commissions. Either way, the auction is no more, but the point was made. Bravo.


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