Friday, July 01, 2005

Lyndon Baines Bush

Deja vu in Iraq - The Boston Globe - - Op-ed - News

AT FORT BRAGG, in front of soldiers and their generals, the president of the United States said, "Terrorists can strike and can kill without warning before the forces of order can throw them back. And now he has struck again. At this very hour, a second wave of terrorists is striking the cities. Our forces are ready. I know they will acquit themselves, as they always have, however tough the battle becomes. There has never been a finer fighting force wearing the American uniform than you."

The president reasserted that each soldier represents America's will and commitment at a time that our nation's security and the freedom of an oppressed nation "is facing a deadly challenge. Men who have never been elected to anything are threatening an elected government and the painfully achieved institutions of democracy."

This was not this week. This was not President Bush at Fort Bragg. It was 37 years ago. This was President Johnson.

Santayana would have just adored Dubya.

Read the whole piece. The parallels have gone beyond eerie.


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