Sunday, February 12, 2006

Been there, done that

Me, Here, Thursday, regarding the Preznit's sudden willingness to tell all about the alleged plot to take down the Library Tower in LA:

Stuff that was double-super-secret classified yesterday magically became declassified today because it helps the propaganda campaign...
And finally, note that they wouldn't say whether this had any connection whatsoever to the warrantless NSA snooping. Which means it sure as shit didn't, because they would be trumpeting even the most tenuous connection to high heaven if it did.
Jonathan Alter, Newsweek, Friday:

The president and administration officials will suddenly talk about details of the foiled plot-details that were highly classified until now. But they won't say if the controversial NSA program was involved. Given their new willingness to talk at length about the case, can anyone seriously doubt that had the NSA eavesdropping cracked this case, they would have mentioned that? Simply saying that the NSA helped foil the plot-if it had-would not have compromised "sources and methods." You can bet that if this were an NSA case, we'd know it.


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