Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gannon calls Ron Reagan, Jr. 'twinkle toes' and 'nancy boy'

PageOneQ reports:

Former White House journalist Jeff Gannon posted a blog entry on the cancellation of Ron Reagan Jr.'s television show on MSNBC. In the post, Gannon refers to the TV host and son of the nation's 40th President as "twinkle toes" and as a "nancy boy." Gannon also calls Reagan, Jr. a "disgrace" to his namesake father.

I used to wander over to GannonGuckert's website occasionally for yucks, but his full-frontal moment in the sun has passed like a kidney stone. I guess he misses the attention, because this outburst must have people laughing wherever clueless irony is still appreciated.

On the other hand, I can imagine how this might just be part of his professional personna: top being dismissive toward bottoms, or suchlike. Maybe it's good for business.


Anonymous Mike Rogers at PageOneQ said...

Thanks for the props :-)

11:04 AM  

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