Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Archies?

Ananova - Bush's iPod muddle

President Bush got in a muddle when he tried to show of his new iPod.

The President was trying to show how cool he was as he showed off the music player in the Oval Office.

But he blundered when he called American Pie singer Don McLean 'Dan', says the Mirror.

And then he seemed to get confused when he tried to explain how the iPod worked.

"I get the shuffle and then I shuffle the shuffle," he told confused reporters.

Asked by a TV crew which artists he had stored in the gadget, he started reeling off names.

"The Beatles, the Beach Boys, Angels, Archies, Aretha Franklin." Then he said: "Dan McLean... remember him?"
OK, I'm trying to be fair here. We all have our guilty musical pleasures -- I like Crowded House and a few sappy ballads like Paul Young's cover of Darryl Hall's "Every time you go." But I'm old enough to remember the music of the 60's. And I'm deeply shaken by the idea that the most powerful man in the world is reading stuff like this while listening to "Sugar, sugar," though I guess it all fits the profile. Bubblegum music for a bubblegum president.

The leader of the free world listens to the Archie's? No wonder he doesn't listen to the adults -- he still doesn't listen to adult music.


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