Monday, December 19, 2005

...And his equally brilliant boss

Raw Story;Bush says discussing secret wiretaps helping the enemy

I know, I know.. judging the stuff that spills from Dubya's oral sphincter by logical standards is about as productive as applying the same metrics to the stuff that only comes out of the southern orifice in most of us.

"The fact that we're discussing this program is helping the enemy," Bush said.

"It is a shameful act," he said when asked about the leakers who revealed the program.

Bush said he hasn't ordered an investigation, but expects the Justice Department will seek out the leaker.

"We’re at war, and we must protect America’s secrets, and I presume the Justice Department will proceed forward with an investigation," he said.

Is he, shocked, shocked to learn that the terrorists know he can tap phones? I suppose it is possible that there are terrorists out there who are that clueless. Personally, I am not worried about the risks posed by a hypothetical class of terrorists who are even dumber than our Moron in Chief.

Everybody with two neurons to rub together knows you tap phones, sir. About the only thing that might be news to some people here is that you really are intent on dictatorship. (It was yet another open secret, but none so blind as them that shall not see, you know.) My guess is that that will only make the evildoers like you more.

And tell you what ... I'll support your leak investigation right about the time you do something about the porosity in your Brain.


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