Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ah, Newport Beach

ABC News: Republican wins US House seat in California

Yesterday, a Republican won the House seat vacted by Chris Cox. California's 84th covers Newport Beach. How wack is Newport Beach? Against the tide raising Democrats everywhere else, the Democratic candidate got 27% of the vote. But my guess is that low tally was not the result of triangulation on the part of winner John Campbell. His left flank was not his biggest concern in that neighborhood.
Minuteman founder and dark-horse candidate Jim Gilchrist, who ran on the American Independent Party ticket and transformed the race into a de facto referendum on border security, was third with 22 percent.

In conceding defeat to supporters at a rally in Orange County, home to the 48th U.S. Congressional District where the special election was held, Gilchrist said he had sent a message that Americans were fed up over the U.S. government's failure to address illegal immigration.

"We had a huge victory tonight because we successfully issued a wake-up call to America," he said.

Think about Newport Beach next time you are tempted to make sweeping generalizations about how liberal California is.


Blogger <-<--esoder<---<----<----- said...

We are not that much more liberal than any other state. Well, except Texas. We are only slightly more liberal. But the difference is enough to make us considerably more progressive than other states on the books. In election after election, we are just liberal enough to defeat most right wing candidates and initiatives most of the time.

But don't forget about our Governor. Fortunately we took the wind out of his sails quite a bit in the last special election.

Check out the county by county results for our elections. In there, you'll see me and my wife. We are the little blue dots in red Lake County in a bluish purple state.

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