Friday, November 04, 2005

Outrage Potpourri

The muse is currently AWOL. But check out these cow chips:

  • The GAO put out a full report documenting the failings of electronic voting machines. MSM yawns. Brad Friedman (of bradblog) tries to sound the alarm.

  • Knight-Ridder, one of the few news houses to do some actual reporting around the WMD propaganda campaign, is being punished. Repug-affiliated investors are buying in and trying to force a sale to a more compliant owner. The right wing has some very big sticks in this battle, and we in the blogosphere are very limited in our ability to do our thing unless somebody does the legwork, which is expensive. This is very bad news.

  • Dana Rohrbacher, my former Congresscritter, and only a few notches below B-1 Bob Dornan on the absurd-o-meter scale, has brought more glory to hisself by accepting some blatant cash-for-access from the Hollywood slickster now facing a 23-count indictment for scamming millions from SoCal churchgoers for his phony TV show deals. Rohbacher introduced Joseph Medawar to at least 5 Repugs after Medawar "optioned" up Rohrbacher's a nearly 30-year old script.

  • And clueless behemoth General Motors, facing imminent oblivion because it is replaying the 1970's by ignoring the effects of energy prices, responds to the looming crisis by -- you guessed it -- investing $20M to boost production of Hummers and pick-ups.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking for Hummers ?

i about fell off my chair when i saw that news item about gm - jissis, these guys just do not get it, do they ???

1:47 AM  

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