Saturday, November 12, 2005

More cause & effect

via Atrios:

Knight-Ridder prints a lot more hard-hitting stories than the other pseudopapers. Stories with dangerous truths, like this one:
Before the war, the President and his aides contended Hussein was concealing nuclear, biological and chemical warfare programs in violation of a U.N. ban. None have ever been found.

Hussein, they said, was in league with al-Qaeda and had to be toppled before he could give banned weapons to terrorists.

The administration relied in part on a seriously flawed, hastily written October 2002 U.S. intelligence assessment, which concluded that Hussein was hiding an illegal nuclear-weapons program and stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons.

But the administration's assertions about Iraq's ties to al-Qaeda were not supported by U.S. intelligence agencies.

The empire strikes back:

The largest investor in Knight Ridder Inc. on Thursday threatened a showdown next year at the No. 2 newspaper chain's annual meeting, saying it might propose its own slate of directors to accelerate a sale of the company.

Private Capital Management L.P., which holds 19 percent of Knight Ridder's stock, also alluded to taking it upon itself to find a buyer for Knight Ridder, according to a regulatory filing. PCM, of Naples, Fla., expressed disappointment over the news company's "limited response" to its concerns over stock and profit-margin performance.

Perhaps PCM can install Jonah Goldberg as publisher.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the rightwing facists are hellbound and determined to shut down or co-opt anything that prints or says the truth. they are so scared of the truth.

2:19 AM  

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