Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chilling facts ... sure to be ignored

I just read the entire LA Times piece about "Curveball," which is generating lots of commentary on our side of the blogosphere. Even if the context of lies and distortions that had previously been made public had not already made the case, this story should utterly lay to rest all Judy-esque claims that we were innocent in our mistakes about WMDs. How U.S. Fell Under the Spell of 'Curveball' - Los Angeles Times is long, but an important read -- and a poignant counterpoint to the dismissal of Bob Scheer in favor of Jonah Goldberg.

Not surprisingly, the article appears not exist in the right hemiblog. The Corner -- nothing. LGF -- nada. Instapundit -- zip.

As their godhead said, facts are stupid things. I guess these wingnuts are far too smart to waste their beautiful minds on such things.


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This is just going to get lost.

Here's what we really need - a major news and media outlet - not The New York Times or Washington Post, not Michael Moore, Not The Daily KOS, not another Conyers report - more like Time or Newsweek - anyway - a big long article, with lots of pretty charts, graphs, pictures, and a time-line - to pull all of these loose threads together and knit them in to a nice big comfy sweater that the American Public can wear over the Holidays.

Maybe TV instead - 60 minutes (although it might have to be 90 minutes, or use all 60 minutes and no commercials), 20/20, or Nightline.

Anyway - it needs to address the following:

-Pre-War intelligence Cherry Picking
-VP Office trips to the CIA pre-war
-Stories of intelligence staff feeling pressured
-Cheney quotes
-Rice quotes
-Rumsfeld quotes
-The Downing Street Memo
-The DSM suicide
-Jeff Gannon
-Kerry and the 87 billion
-Presidential Medals of Freedom for monumental failures
-No connection between Iraq and 9/11 or Al Queda
-"Al Queda in Iraq" is an invention and not really Al Queda
-Lack of Body Armor
-Escalation of terrorism since the invasion
-Joe Wilson's credentials (the real ones, not the Newsmax ones) and Bush the Elder's praise for him
-Bush on the carrier
-The difference between classified and unclassified intelligence estimates
-The bases being built
-The no bid contracts
-The profiteering
-The enlistment woes
-The tax cuts
-The damage to our military and ability to defend ourselves if attacked
-The abuse and torture
-The text of the bill Congress passed authorizing the use of force - there's a lot more in it than "Go ahead and bomb 'em."

What am I forgetting? And did I include anything that should be omitted? Is it all too much? How do we get all of this stuff that we all know in to the minds of others who have been able to largely ignore it?

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