Friday, February 18, 2005

Freepers Creepers

It might be possible to garble the message more than this, but off the top of my head I can't imagine how:

The D.C. Chapter of Free Republic, an independent grassroots organization, will be holding a demonstration at the White House this evening in support of former Talon News White House Correspondent Jeff Gannon and the rights of other reporters to do their jobs without fear of being destroyed by the political establishment.

The group will also be bringing attention to several First Amendment-related issues pertaining to the current imbroglio. Among them are the unconstitutional efforts of Democratic congressmen to determine who is a reporter and efforts by the establishment media to shut out Internet-based news sites from having access to government press conferences.

Yeah, boys, that's it -- we're all about shutting out the blogs. And could someone point me to the place in the Constitution where it prohibits Congress from asking who gets passes to the White House press room?

I sometimes try to get a peek at the Freeper parallel universe. This satisfies my need for rubbernecking for a while.



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