Monday, February 28, 2005

Excommunicate him.

Josh Marshall reports that Joe Lieberman is about to supply yet another in an endless stream of "bipartisan" fig leaves to a rapacious Bush Administration by becoming the first Democrat to publicly back the Administration's plan for the destruction of Social Security.

At this point I believe such an absurdity is entirely within the realm of possibility. His sins provide ample precedent in kind, though the maginitude of his breaking ranks here might be unprecedented.

I assume that it is impossible to discipline him. Dr. Bloor has informed me that he thinks Killer Joe's constituents actually like the idea of having a DINO -- they get the selfish benefits of a Republican Senator AND the balm against guilt that comes with voting for Democrat.

The party leadership is thus left with only one way to maintain unity on this, the most important issue Congressional Democrts now face -- and perhaps to put a real Democrat in his seat: excommunicate him. Toss him out of the party. Force him and his constituents to resolve the profound cognitive dissonance his very existence perpetuates. If he is going to act like a Republican, make him run as one. And let a real Democrat run against him.


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