Thursday, January 20, 2005

Global Views on Bush's Reelection

Another PIPPA (the folks who did the great study on the unreality of Bush supporters) study finds, surprise surprise, they like Bush, and now the rest of us... not so much:

The poll also finds that for a substantial minority worldwide these negative feelings about Bush have generalized to the American people. Asked how Bush’s election has affected their feelings toward the American people, on average, 42 percent said it made them feel worse toward the American people, while 25 percent said it made them feel better and 23 percent said it had no effect. Countries varied widely. In seven countries clear majorities said that it made them feel worse—especially Turkey (72%), France (65%), Brazil (59%) and Germany (56%). In only two did a majority say it has made them feel better (the Philippines 78% and India 65%).

To summarize: their feelings about Bush?

Very short answer: Bad.

Slightly longer answer: Bad and getting worse. And it is rubbing off on the rest of us.

Unabridged answer: We are so fucked.


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