Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sgt. Bill "Falafel" O'Reilly: A Fair and Balanced Challenge

Just delish. A few days ago, O'Reilly made a complete fool of hisself and let himself get called on a whopper by a caller -- claiming that he had been in combat.

It has echoed around the blogosphere, and one smart guy came up with a wonderful repsonse:

Ok here's the deal. I offered a $100 reward to anyone who could corroborate Bill O'Reilly's claim to have actually been in a firefight in a combat zone. You can listen to and read more about that claim here.
Well someone who commented on that post had a great idea. We really have a chance to call O'Reilly on his on air bullshit, so obviously the more money we raise the more attention we'll get. The idea was to just have people donate and I'll keep updating how much the reward is. Basically, anyone that can prove O'Reilly's claim, including O'Reilly himself, to have been in a firefight in a combat zone will get whatever money we raise. If after a certain period of time no one comes forward, all of the money will be donated to Media Matters for America. I'm sure Billy boy will love that.



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