Saturday, January 08, 2005

Connecting a few dots

'Tis a rare and wondrous thing when the mainstream media deign to notice one of the myriad ethical lapses of our administration and its lackeys. So the Armstrong Williams imbroglio is a welcome spotlight on the primordial ooze that passes for leadership today.

One of the credentials given for this bribe-grubbing climber is his Supreme Court clerkship with the Honorable Justice Clarence Thomas. Well, in the rush of torture waffling, Social Security gutting and Iraq exploding, you might have missed this recent tidbit.

Justice Clarence Thomas has accepted tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts since joining the U.S. Supreme Court, from $1,200 worth of tires to valuable historical items and a $5,000 personal check to help pay a relative's education expenses.

His activity contrasts sharply with that of Justice David Souter of New Hampshire, who reported turning down all gifts, trips and club memberships on his official disclosure forms.
Thomas's gifts included a Bible once owned by the 19th-century author and abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass, which Thomas valued at $19,000, and a bust of President Lincoln valued at $15,000.

He also took a free trip aboard a private jet to the exclusive Bohemian Grove club in northern California - arranged by a wealthy Texas real estate investor who has helped run an advocacy group that filed briefs with the Supreme Court.

Solicitous conservatives have often talked about how Thomas would serve as a role model. Guess they were right.


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