Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bush screws up script @ Town Hall Meeting:

Dubya had one of his patented invite-only “town halls” yesterday, with all attendees die-hard backers of Social Security privatization.

How scripted was this event? Check out this exchange:

MS. STONE: I would like to introduce my mom. This is my mother, Rhoda Stone. And she is grandmother of three, and originally from Helsinki, Finland, and has been here over 40 years.

THE PRESIDENT: Fantastic. Same age as my mother.

MS. STONE: Just turned 80.

Of course, the script probably told Bush to say, “same age as my mother” after Ms. Stone mentions her mom is 80.

If you think of the Administration as a reality TV show, none of this will bother you in the least. Perhaps we could get Tyra Banks to host "America's Next Top Moron." Then you could listen in as Dick and George practice:

George: "Mr. President, what is the most important thing in comedy?"

Dick:"No, sir, you are the President, and I think that is my line."

George: "Oh, right."

Dick: "Mr. President, what is the-"

George: "TIMING!"


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