Tuesday, December 21, 2004

More Christmas-hater News

Menorah vandalized again

From Nyack, NY: Hours after residents, local officials and clergy gathered at Veteran's Park to attend a rally against the recent vandalism to a Hanukkah menorah, the menorah was vandalized again.

Eight of the nine bulbs were ripped out of the menorah, which sits next to a Christmas tree and a nativity scene, and one was left hanging out of its socket, said Orangetown Police Sgt. Jim Brown.
Ehrenreich, who replaced the bulbs after the first attack, said the menorah was kept up for the rally even though Hanukkah ended last Wednesday. He said the menorah was to be taken down today.

Mayor John Shields, who organized the rally with the Nyack Clergy Association, said he was "horrified."

"I am speechless," he said. "Now, I'm wondering if people are just trying to gain attention."

Along with other recent incidents, the vandalism has caused concern in the town.

Two Orangetown men have been charged with hate crimes in connection with vandalism at four homes — three were painted with swastikas.

Swastikas also were found at Pearl River schools this year, and anti-Semitic pamphlets were distributed in Orangetown. A menorah in Pearl River was heavily damaged last year.


Eve Dworkin of New City said when she saw the menorah damaged the first time, it "felt like a slap in the face."

As she drove to work yesterday she was upset to see the menorah once again vandalized.

"Nyack is so multicultured," she said. "You'd think having a menorah and a Christmas tree next to each other would be fine in Nyack. But I guess not."

Tell me again about the embattled holiday here?


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