Monday, December 27, 2004

David Dreier: Blacks die sooner, so should favor SS privatization

So says republican David Dreier onTV's Late Edition, in his promotion of President Bush's so-called Social Security reform.

That's just so special, David. But while you're at it, why not let folks in on what a great deal it is for you, since you and your fellow ho-mo-sexuals will get an even better deal, seeing as you all drop in your 40s. As a 52 year-old gay Republican, I guess you are living on borrowed time in more ways than one...

Funny, but I assumed that Dreier was on his way to political purgatory after being outed by BlogActive, Raw Story and Hustler Magazine. I guess gay-baiting is just red meat for the red state rubes. Walking the walk really doesn't matter-- just ask Ken Mehlman. Maybe Dreier can get a guest spot on red state favorite Will & Grace.


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