Sunday, December 26, 2004

Group releases video of Mosul attack

A group in Iraq released a videotape that describes the Dec. 21 attack on the U.S. army base in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

The group posted the video on its Web site on Sunday. The video showed what appeared to be the blast inside the dinning facility at a U.S. military camp in Mosul.

Another shot, apparently taken from a vehicle driving outside the base after the explosion, showed a fireball rising up and the torn tent that housed the hall.
In Sunday's video, dated Dec. 20, three rebels dressed in black and carrying AK-47 automatic rifles described their planned attack.

The vidoe showed a map of the camp with the dining hall clearly marked, as a member of the group was pointing to many other areas with an army knife.

It also showed a masked rebel, wearing an explosives-laden vest, hugging other group members before leaving to the U.S. base. He was identified as Abu Omar Al Museli, suggesting that he was from Mosul.

The men said that that Al Museli would break into the base through the perimeter fence.

"He will take advantage of the change of guards. We have been observing their schedule for a long time. This lion will then proceed to his target and we will take advantage of lunch time. He will storm the dining room where the crusaders and their (Iraqi) allies are gathered," one of the men said.

"Let Bush, Blair and Allawi know that we are coming and that we will chase them all away." He added.

I can't imagine a more horribly graphic demonstration of the hopelessness of our occupation of Iraq than this. Our troops will not be able to handle the strain of fighting a war in which they cannot even find a safe haven in their own base camps. There is a saying to the effect that if you can't tell the enemy from the folks you are trying to defend, you are fighting the wrong war. Is there anyone left who can deny that fact now?


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