Sunday, November 21, 2004

Schwarzenegger Fakes Hydrogen Hum Job

The AP ran a great story about California's smoke-and-mirrors Governator, though their headline -- AP Wire | 11/17/2004 | Schwarzenegger Has Knack for Stagecraft-- is a bit of a joke.

The moment seemed to capture perfectly Arnold Schwarzenegger's pledge to make hydrogen a viable fuel source for California's cars and trucks. The tanned and smiling governor parked a hydrogen-powered Hummer - a specially made version of his signature vehicle - and hopped out to slide a hydrogen fuel station's nozzle into the gas tank.

But the moment was all about appearances.

No fuel actually came out of the pump. The Hummer's builders would later acknowledge that it could only travel 50 miles between refueling. And despite the day's alternative-fuel theme, Schwarzenegger left in a gas-powered SUV that gets about 15 miles to the gallon.

Now we know what he has in common with Team Bush -- their integrity and grounding in reality.


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