Saturday, November 20, 2004

weekend distraction

Yeah, so there were some questionable high-sticking calls in Auburn Hills last night, and Ron Artest will have to spend part of the next game in the penalty box. Welcome to the East.

Meanwhile, in the futility league, the Los Angeles Kobes have moved slideways to a stellar 5-5 record. Last night head Kobe heaved the rock 33 times en route to a 29 point night and a loss to the Suns. Nothing says "me me me me" like more shots than points.

A .500 record in the west was not good enough to make the 2nd season last year. So maybe they will end up a lottery team this year. You go, girl.

This is guilt-free rubbernecking for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should feel guilty for wasting your time chronicling this crap

12:52 PM  

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