Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Iraqi Gov't Warns Press

Yahoo! News - Press Watchdog "Deeply Disturbed" by Iraqi Regime's Media Threat

Citing the 60-day state of emergency declared by Allawi on the eve of the U.S. offensive against insurgents in Fallujah, ... [a government] directive said news media must differentiate between “innocent citizens” of the city and the insurgents.

It warned that journalists should not attach “patriotic descriptions to groups of killers and criminals,” and urged the media to “set aside space in your news coverage to make the position of the Iraqi government, which expresses the aspirations of most Iraqis, clear.”

“You must be precise and objective in handling news and information,” according to the statement, which was reported by Associated Press and Reuters. “We hope you comply …otherwise we regret we will be forced take all the legal measures to guarantee higher national interests,” it said, without elaboration.

Freedom is on the march. In jackboots.


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