Thursday, November 11, 2004

Frist "urges" Democrats to stop filibusters

Frist previously has advocated changing Senate rules to make it more difficult to continue a filibuster. While the idea went nowhere in the current Congress, Frist raised it again in his speech, saying that judicial filibusters were "nothing less than a formula for tyranny by the minority."

"The Senate now faces a choice: Either we accept a new and destructive practice or we act to restore constitutional balance," he said.

Frist's memory is conveniently spotty. The filibuster was the bulwark used by conservatives against the perniciousness of civil rights legislation in the 60s, so it is absurd to call it new.

Where will this go? I expect that the Dems will have to filibuster a Republican attempt to change the rules against filibustering.


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