Thursday, November 11, 2004

New Zealand News: Odds heavily against US counter-attack succeeding

Because you won't get anything remotely resembling truth from US news sources:

Even as US troops were advancing into Fallujah, there were reports of insurgents arriving in the neighbouring city of Ramadi and taking up positions to secure the centre there. Fallujah may have become a symbol of the insurgency, but it has never been the only rebel stronghold.

But the Americans have more fundamental problems. The truth is they don't know how many insurgents there are, who they are or where they are. If they did they could launch more pinpoint attacks. They are mounting a full-scale assault that risks massive civilian casualties which would only turn Iraq against them more completely than ever.

This can only end badly, unless you ask Fox News, of course. The futility of the exercise is being ignored by both Fox and the other Fox (CNN).


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