Saturday, November 27, 2004

End of the Line for Nightline?

Reports are circulating that ABC's Nightline could soon be relegated to TV history and replaced by Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, which would move up in the lineup and compete directly against NBC's Jay Leno and CBS' David Letterman.

Such rumors made their way into print last week in a Wall Street Journal report about the resignation of Leroy Sievers, Nightline's co-executive producer, considered the driving force behind the late-night half hour.

Sievers told the Journal that he and Nightline were parting company because of the "fundamental changes and direction of the series."

In case you hadn't seen any signs of the end of the world over the current holiday, here you go. Nightline did a great piece debunking the Swift smear about a week before the election. It appears that thequid for that quo was not long in coming. Ted, since you are the last journalist to leave, please turn out the lights.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe bluememe should take its place

11:08 PM  

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