Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Vietnam veteran, 53, called to active duty

More than three decades after he was last in combat, a Vietnam veteran has been called to active duty in Iraq.

Paul Dunlap, 53, of Pleasant Unity, will leave for Fort Bliss, Texas, on Monday after being called up as part of Operation Dragoon.

Dunlap, a first sergeant in the Army National Guard Company C 28th Signal Battalion out of Torrance, Westmoreland County, hasn't been in combat since he was a 19-year-old Marine and served 11 months in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971.

Did you think it was strange that we were fighting the Viet Nam War again during the recent political season? Did you think it was odd that there were rumors of a draft in certain circles?

Well, now we are drafting Viet Nam vets to fight a whole new Viet Nam. Can call-ups of Korean War vets be far behind?


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