Tuesday, November 04, 2008

He got game

I put in a couple of hours volunteering on the phone bank at the local Obama office today. I did the same thing 4 years ago, and the difference was striking.

In 2004, the office was small, the volunteers sparse and low-energy, and the targets of the calls not too happy to receive them.

This time, there were at least 50 people jamming the office, and probably more than 75. The place hummed with enthusiasm, and we overflowed the available space (I made my calls from the parking lot). And out of perhaps 100 calls, I only had one or two hangups -- I suspect the list was better, and the country was more receptive to the message.

I'd guess that in just the two hours I was there, more than 5000 calls were lobbed into Pennsylvania from just one office in suburban California. Extrapolate that by perhaps 25 California offices (I don't know the number, but that is probably conservative) and maybe 12 hours and you get more than a half million calls just on election day.

Yeah, he got game.


Blogger Ted Seymour said...

I too made calls that day and the call center I went to was so overloaded that they asked me to go to another a few blocks away. There were around 75 people there and we all lobbed calls into Pennsylvania and then Ohio. No one hung up in the two hours I made calls. It was also astounding in the black areas I called into in Ohio how almost everyone had voted early. Major ground game there worked to deliver the miracle we've been so hungry for.

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