Sunday, October 19, 2008

The return of the Friedman Unit

If you were put in charge of meting out justice -- not under our system of law, but just plain karmic righteousness, but you had to pick only one of the following ways to put the ledger back in balance -- which would you pick?

(A) Put Cheney, Bush, Rummy, Feith, Wolfowitz in glass boxes on public view in the Hague for a little Eichmann-in-Jerusalem action; or

(B) Force every pundit, columnist and TV meat puppet who helped put and keep (i)Bush in office and (ii)our military in Iraq to be silenced forevermore.

On the moral culpability scale, (A) is the winner. But if you think in terms of minimizing future evil, I think you have to go with (B), because the A-list folks will be neutered come January; but our idiotic pundit class will live on to poison all attempts to move to a rational plane. To wit: Tom Friedman is unrepentant, will have his bully pulpit for years to come, and is just as stupid as ever.

Update: Speaking of unrepentant asshattery, and about culpable media pressing on regardless, Judith Miller is going to Fox News.

You can't make this stuff up.


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