Thursday, September 04, 2008

The genius of the Palin pick

I'm not talking about the winger political angle. I'm talking about the less obvious advantages of putting a Pandora's Box of a candidate on the ticket.

Maybe they didn't vet her because they were lazy or stupid or desperate. But think about the situation from the perspective of the mouth-breathing base -- the folks who actually believe that the press has an overwhelming liberal bias. By picking someone completely off the radar, McCain has set up a very useful game:

1) Press finds abundance of dirt on Palin;

2) Republican noise machine cranks up the liberal media charges;

3) Obedient sheeple repeat liberal media shibboleth and tune out even the most egregious revelations about their new sweetheart.

Pretty creative, actually.

Update: Oh, and of course there is step 4: use the hostility of the media as an excuse to hide her behind stagecraft and teleprompters and prohibit all unscripted press availability.


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