Sunday, August 10, 2008

Et tu, Kruge

Maureen Dowd is as immature and petty a writer as we have on the national stage today. She has done incredible damage to our political discourse, and should have been put out to pasture long ago.

But there was that one moment, back in October 2005 when she shanked Judy Miller. That moment almost, but not quite, made up for her transgressions to that point (though she has committed many more sins since).

Paul Krugman has few sins to atone for, but he somehow got carte blanche to give another loathsome Times colleague or two the same well-deserved treatment. From his latest:

Why were the elite so hawkish? Well, I heard a number of people express privately the argument that some influential commentators made publicly — that the war was a good idea, not because Iraq posed a real threat, but because beating up someone in the Middle East, never mind who, would show Muslims that we mean business. In other words, even alleged wise men bought into the idea of macho posturing as policy.

Take that, Mr. Suck.On.This.


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