Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Richard Cohen - The Lingo Of Vietnam New Dumbest Man in Washington

It is admittedly difficult to get one's arms around the idea that there is someone in D.C. who is dumber than George Bush. But Richard Cohen today edges him out for the top honors. (A close third has to be awarded to the folks at the Washington Post who continue to publish this nonsense.

Gregg Mitchell at E&P lets loose with both barrels. So does Digby. The Technorati list is consistent in its condemnation. I'm late to the party, so I'll forgo getting in my licks as well. But the shallow, vacuous piffle that Cohen now periodically excretes is beyond embarrassing, and the WaPo should stop propping up this drooling fossil upon its stage.

I can point to twenty bloggers who could do a better job. Hell,
the (apparently offline) Postmodernism Generator could do a better job. But I am beyond anger. I am starting to pity the guy, and the WaPo, which seems hellbent on self-destruction.

Update: This is odd. As soon as my post shows up on Technorati, the Technorati box disappears from the page with Cohen's column.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of being repeatedly upset by the likes of Cohen, the mustache of freedom, et al, who will certainly continue to write upsetting things that in themselves are of no consequence, why not just add a list over on the right side of your blog, like the sympatico links, only this one would be called the List of Liars and Idiots. That heading should cover the main group of offenders and relieve you of the burden of repeatedly shooting them down, which is all too easy anyway. Then, when you add someone to the list, you could put 'NEW' with sparkles and all next to his/her/its name.

Just a thought. Maybe save you some time and grief.


5:07 AM  
Blogger bluememe said...

An interesting idea, TA, and I may just do that. But dim bulbs like Cohen are my rhetorical scratching post: If I don't use them to exercise my claws, I tend to rip up the furniture.

And in my view Cohen and the MOF, by virtue of their positions with the two leading papers among the political elite, do great harm. So they are not just useful blog fodder: ridiculing them serves a purpose.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but why don't you see them as uneducable backward bible thumpers – a lot of noise and no content – who only the previously converted actually believe. These mountains of idiocy and hypocrisy really don't convince anyone that isn't already convinced. No evidence is needed for those folks. And no takedown of their idols will have any impact.

Let the weaker bloggers have these small fry. You were made to take on bigger paper tigers than these.


5:52 PM  

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