Friday, November 17, 2006

Bowers nails it

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When Carville criticizes Howard Dean, keep in mind that he is using Howard Dean as a placeholder to attack the entire progressive netroots and the entire progressive movement on behalf of big donors and consultants who once again want to rule the party with an iron fist. But we were the ones fighting for these seats, tooth and nail, along with local Democrats on the ground. National Democrats from the corporate wing of the party were nowhere to be found in these races.

Carville gets press because he is of the pundit class. He is angry because we threaten said class, and make him look bad. They are nothing if not heard animals. He has no constituency but those whose job it is not to be a constituency (and of course, as Bowers points out, the big-money Republican lites). And so the talking head shows continue to be open mike night for his sour-grapes nonsense.

Carville is in a sense the anti-matter Bush: Dubya sticks with a losing strategy that forces all of us in a limited sense (and thousands of American troops and millions of Iraqis in a far greater sense) to suffer. Carville parties like it's 1992, and tries to punish us for using a winning strategy that has as an effect the marginalization of one James Carville.

If the media played fair, Carville's carping would have as much resonance as Pat Buchanan's sniping at Karl Rove. But that is a fantasy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carville's wife is Mary Matalin, republican big-mouth piece and fundraiser and supporter and erstwhile staffer for Dickie Cheney. (Pillow talk)

Carville also can't get used to others' democratic election strategies actually winning. He also is researching an '08 'run' for Hillary Clinton. He thinks he's being subtle, but America is on to him. He's picked up this gauntlet FOR Rahm Emanuel, who's far too busy having his picture taken and in being in every shot with democratic winners. (Another wicked, slick man)

Neither Carville nor Emanuel realize they had their day in the sun. Now it's on to the old homestead: happy acres. (Be gone)

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