Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Terrah Show breaks the fourth wall

Aravosis notices that there is a serious suspension of disbelief issue with the latest airport charade:
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport planned to give 11 boxes of surrendered items to the city's human services department, which will give the unopened bottles of shampoo, toothpaste and other items to homeless shelters, airport spokeswoman Lexie Van Haren said.
Same thing in Pennsylvania - seems YOU can't take it on the plane because it might be a bomb, but THEY can sell it on eBay without knowing if it's a bomb, or they're sure it's not a bomb, so then why did they take it in the first place?:
In Pennsylvania, state officials were considering pulling some discarded items for a state program that resells on eBay any items of value relinquished at airport security checkpoints, said Edward Myslewicz, spokesman for the General Services Department.
Combine that with the way they are asking folks in some airports to pour their potential bomb precursors into one big vat, and you get the sense that Penn & Teller want you to see how it is done.

I am so looking forward to my flight home today.


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