Monday, August 21, 2006

Lacuna Macaca - Exclusive Poll Results Show Allen Losing Ground
In an election for the United States Senate in Virginia today, 8/21/06, incumbent Republican George Allen edges Democrat challenger James Webb 48% to 45%, according to an exclusive SurveyUSA poll conducted for W*USA-TV in Washington, DC.

Since an identical SurveyUSA poll released 6/28/06, Allen has lost 8 points and Webb has gained 8 points. Allen's lead has shrunk from 19 points to 3 points.

Interviewing for this poll began 8/18/06, one week after Allen singled out a Webb campaign worker at an Allen rally. Allen has lost support across all demographic groups, but in particular, among younger voters. He has gone from Plus 23 to Minus 17, a swing of 40 points. In Southeastern VA, Allen has gone from a 2:1 lead to a tie, a 31-point swing.

I am a little skeptical that the fallout from George Allen's racist denouement will really hurt him enough in November to make the difference, but Allen sure has dug hisself into a bit of a hole.

I don't have much insight to add to the story. I just wanted to show off that headline.

(Lacuna = small pit or cavity)


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