Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Francine Busby lost in San Diego yesterday, failing to capture the seat vacated by convicted felon Duke Cunningham.

Taylor Marsh, guesting @ FDL, is still sure there is a pony in there somewhere. Her margin of defeat was only 4%, down from 22% the last time she ran. If Dems can tilt the results that much nationally, the thinking goes, the result will be a landslide.


First, when I'm not trying to show my game face, I'm damned tired of trying to find encouragement in the honorable, we'll-get-them-next-time, oh-so-close losses. I expressed similar frustration in November 2004. The pattern is not encouraging. I have this existential dread that we are approaching the overthrow of the junta asymptotically.

I know San Diego is a Republican stronghold. And I know Busby managed to fire a round into her instep a couple of days before the election. But damnit, Bilbray is so plainly a Duke Cunningham redux. In voting for Bilbray, these fools effectively begged for further abuse.

I think we have to acknowledge the possibility that the Democrats are Pepsi, the Republicans are Coke, and we in the leftiblogosphere are the only ones who have figured out that the problem is the ubiquity of sugary, caustic soft drinks.

Update: As esoder noted in the comments, Robert Parry nails it.


Blogger Eric Soderstrom said...

Feh Shcmeh! Robert Parry has a good post on this over at

To sum it up, we lose because we listen to the Democratic consultants and our fledgling left wing media outlets lack the support of liberals with a lot of money. Money trumps libgeral, and they vote with their dollars on the winning team, the Republicans. Busby screws up and it is instantly all over the right wing talk shows and news shows as well as the (alleged) liberal MSM.

Anyway, it's a good read, and Robert Parry is pretty dead on most of the time.

Oh, and Kos had a good post today about being a Libertarian Democrat. I think that's what I am.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Canis Nasus said...

The GOP has communicated an ideology and clear message. Like it or dont.

We are cacophony of special interests.

As long as the DNC (and the blog-o-weenies) indulge in anti-(insert favorite theme here) rants and fail to communicate an adult political philosophy to Joe & Jane six-pack, they will continue to lose. And rightly so.

Put down the litmus paper and find an umbrella.


12:42 AM  

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