Sunday, May 07, 2006

Does Cheney ghostwrite Colbert?

Or vice versa? Somebody is sneaking peeks at somebody's test, because whoever is responsible for Colbert's schtick just has to be penning this as well:

ABC News: Cheney: Russian's Putin Restricting Rights
"In Russia today, opponents of reform are seeking to reverse the gains of the last decade," Cheney told a conference of Eastern European leaders whose countries once lived under Soviet oppression, and now in Russia's shadow.
He said Russia has a choice to make when it comes to reform, and said that in many areas, "from religion and the news media to advocacy groups and political parties, the government has unfairly and improperly restricted the rights of the people."

Other actions "have been counterproductive and could begin to affect relations with other countries," Cheney said, mentioning energy and border issues.

"No legitimate interest is served when oil and gas become tools of intimidation or blackmail, either by supply manipulation or attempts to monopolize transportation," he said.

"And no one can justify actions that undermine the territorial integrity of a neighbor, or interfere with democratic movements."
All that remains unsaid is Cheney's disapproval of Russia's corrupt method for granting large government contracts to companies with financial ties to its leaders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I recall, the Russian response was something like "Hahahahaha! Pot, meet my good friend kettle. Good one, Dick!"

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard about this first on NPR on Friday. My immediate reaction was they could choose to highlight the oil issue or the human rights, why do they choose to tell it as Cheney championing human rights. Is it just another case of the media typing up the daily announcements? Or are they consciously aware of being tools of the spin-meisters?

9:22 PM  

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