Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wow... they've lost the Mustache of Freedom

Greg Djerejian @ The Belgravia Dispatch does battle with Instant Pudding, who is getting a mite defensive in the face of all those mutinous generals. It is a pretty good post, but what caught my eye was this quote from Tom Friedman:
If these are our only choices, which would you rather have: a nuclear-armed Iran or an attack on Iran's nuclear sites that is carried out and sold to the world by the Bush national security team, with Don Rumsfeld at the Pentagon's helm?

I'd rather live with a nuclear Iran.

While I know the right thing is to keep all our options open, I have zero confidence in this administration's ability to manage a complex military strike against Iran, let alone the military and diplomatic aftershocks.

As someone who believed — and still believes — in the importance of getting Iraq right, the level of incompetence that the Bush team has displayed in Iraq, and its refusal to acknowledge any mistakes or remove those who made them, make it impossible to support this administration in any offensive military action against Iran.
If ours were a parliamentary democracy, the entire Bush team would be out of office by now, and deservedly so. In Iraq, the president was supposed to lead, manage and hold subordinates accountable, and he did not. Condoleezza Rice was supposed to coordinate, and she did not. Donald Rumsfeld was supposed to listen, and he did not. But ours is not a parliamentary system, and while some may feel as if this administration's over, it isn't. So what to do? We can't just take a foreign policy timeout.

One by one, the self-styled middle course types who sailed off to war on the battleship G.W. Bush are heading for the lifeboats. Reynolds, Hindraker and Malkin are going to get a little lonelier with each passing day.


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