Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well shut my mouth

My Left Wing founder Maryscott O'Connor stopped by and commented on my Monday post about (what I characterized as) the relatively small spike in her web stats as a result of the WaPo piece. Here's what she said:
Traffic is quadruple what it was.

Page view and visit time averages are the same. Which is quite something. It means people are staying.

On the day of the story, traffic spiked at ten times its usual rate, some 14000 visits that day. It's leveled off at approximately 7000 visits a day, as opposed to the 1700 a day before the Post piece was published.

All in all, not bad; I didn't have any expectations of more than a blip increse, so I'm pretty satsfied with the results.

So much for Sitemeter and my ability to judge the numbers based on their graphs, I guess. And I am heartened by the fact that the change in her traffic is a step function rather than a pulse.

I slouch corrected.

On the other hand, how many of those new readers are like me -- members of the lefty community who got out our ruts and added her to our daily routes out of solidarity? I'm not sure how you would judge this, Maryscott, but I think it is a meaningful question.

This touches on one of the fundamental questions I have about the effectiveness of all of our efforts in our only slightly permeable bubble. On my good days, I feel like I am helping to change the world. Other days I worry that we are a few thousand hooligans all yelling into the same well.

Today the sun is shining in a cloudless sky. I will choose to believe that Maryscott and I, and all of you who agitate and argue, are all making a difference.


Blogger nocasa said...

Yes we are talking to ourselves but (at least for now) that isn't important. Or rather it is important. For so long the right has been given free reign in this glorious nation that anyone who disagrees with the despicable road we had stumbled down has felt very alone indeed.

We are at a time of building the community of voices that can stand up to the constant din of lies, distortions and just plain bad ideas.

Do not worry. We will know that these times of needed solidarity are over when we can fight among ourselves like normal people.

OK call me a dreamer...

9:19 PM  

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