Saturday, October 22, 2005

No way

The Agonist, and a few others, seriously suggest that Dubya will dump Cheney, choose his father to replace Cheney as Veep, then resign to elevate his father back into the big chair.

I'd normally ask the person floating a crazy idea to stop bogarting the glue, but I don't want any of whatever these guys are on.

I don't buy the "everything is bigger in Texas" thing, but they just don't make Oedipal complexes bigger than the one Junior Bush carries around. That is why Brent Scowcroft's smackdown is going to really smart, and why Dubya will beg evil Unka Dick for the launch codes before he lets any more adults from Team 41 back in the house. In fact, I'll be that as the adults start piping up, Dubya's reportedly estranged relationship with Cheney (who was, after all, the adult who was supposed to reign in the dauphin) deteriorates in parallel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment was written by Sean-Paul Kelley of The Agonist.

I never, ever said that 43 would ask 43 to be Veep. That was Norm Orstein at the Huffington Post. I speculated that IF Cheney were indicted Powell would end up the Veep as part of a complete reshuffle of Dubya's cabinet, and I called it the Great Rescue. Please don't misrepresent what I wrote. If you read the post you will see that there are some fairly logical reasons for this and also some reasons that benefit both Dubya and the Bush family.

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