Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is Jon Stewart writing Bush's speeches now?

from Upon Further Review via Shakespeare's Sis:
"Bin Laden says his own role is to tell Muslims: 'What is good for them and what is not.' And what this man who grew up in wealth and privilege considers good for poor Muslims is that they become killers and suicide bombers. He assures them that this is the road to paradise, though he never offers to go along for the ride," Bush said.
Wow, I always realized Bin Laden was an asshole, but what kind of a man who grew up in wealth and privelege would try to tell poor people to sacrifice for his cause while not sacrificing anything himself? Someone would have to be a real dickhead to do that, I wonder if there is anyone else in the world who would do something like that. I wonder...

I didn't see Dubya deliver these lines, but dollars to donuts there wasn't a glimmer of insight there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check this out - from Mark Crispin Miller via Bob Cesco via Arianna Huffington....

Bush's speech today at the National Endowment for Democracy was loaded with what author Mark Crispin Miller has observed as Bush's pathological tendency for "projectivity."

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