Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dare to dream: Roster, part II

Here's how fast things are going south for ruling crime syndicate: Ten days ago I put up a list of high level Repugs who were facing a significant probability of criminal charges (or already had been charged. There were seven names on my original list, and two reader submissions. But lots of fun things have happened since then.

Let's look at the Jumbotron this week. First, everyone on the last roster returns:

Karl Rove
Bill Frist
Tom DeLay
Scooter Libby
Richard Perle
David Safavian
Jack Abramoff
Dennis Hastert
Tom Noe

And some truly remarkable additions:

Judith Miller
Dick Cheney
George Bush

Oh, and it seems like looking a gift horse in the mouth to dare to dream this big, but in the best of all possible worlds, wouldn't the perfect Cinderella ending to this story tie JimmyJeff GanonGuckert in, too?

It does.

Update: or maybe it doesn't. Oh, well.

As before, your suggested additions are welcome.


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