Monday, October 17, 2005

The Big Picture co-founder David Swanson has an important reminder at truthout called "Peering under the Plame Outing." The money quote:
There are those who believe in such a thing as a just war. Many of them supported this war early on and have since changed their minds. And you can see why. Because, if there is such a thing a just war, this is the opposite. A just war, if we can fantasize about it, would be fought by the people who decided to wage it, would be fought purely in self-defense, would be decided upon in a democratic process with public information, would be based on generally honest information, would be fought with respect for the subsection of human rights that international law holds to apply even in war, and would not be exploited to limit rights domestically, destroy useful domestic programs, or transfer public wealth to the wealthy.

This short intermission in the feasting on Judy Miller's entrails is for the purpose of reminding us why we are feasting on Judy Miller's entrails.

Carry on.


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